Anorka Factories are integrated in meeting the global coffee market requirements, with a production capacity that satisfy the needs of all our customers worldwide.

Anorka | Dubai | UAE

Anorka food industries, a factory to produce Italian Coffee branded Unospresso, American Coffee branded Uno Cafe, a factory to produce ice Coffee and juices branded City Cafe and a factory to produce all kinds of instant Coffee branded City Cafe, Creamer and City Chocolate.

Recent Awards

Anorka Food Industries was ranked first Among 260 factories in Dubai Industrial City. After the number of factories in Industrial City of Dubai has become 260 factories, the city administration has toured all the factories to inspect the conformity of standards and specifications. They honored 6 factories for their compliance with the established standards. Anorka factory was ranked first among all the factories for its excellence in conformity with special standards of high quality.