To be named the pioneers in product innovation. To become a benchmark in customer service and quality assurance.

To always present coffee under an umbrella of rich creative methodologies - to recreate and innovate the stories behind every cup.


Three factories were opened in UAE under the name "Anorka food industries,” the First factory to produce, Italian Coffee branded "Unospresso", American Coffee branded "Uno Café and produce the glass bottles.
the Second factory to produce Iced Coffee and juices branded - "City Café and the Third factory to produce all kinds of instant  Coffee branded "City Cafe", "City Creamer" and "City Chocolate"


Anorka food industries acquired an evaluation of (A) degree from Food Safety Management in Dubai by applying quality systems and standards of World Food Safety Management "ISO 22000", the company also obtained the Innovation and Developed technology award by Dubai industrial City Management.

Anorka factories are integrated in meeting the global coffee market requirements, with a production capacity that satisfy the needs of all our customers worldwide.